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“...One of the most talented performers

in the world...

He has confirmed his status

as one of the top artists in his field.”


Placido Domingo



“Splendid virtuoso of his instrument, and excellent musician as well, Mikhail Hallak has constantly shown a deep understanding of different musical styles, and a remarkable power of communication. Hallak is not only an outstanding soloist, with an extensive repertoire, but he is also very active in the field of chamber music.”

01 Franco Gulli.png

Franco Gulli Violinist

Distinguished Professor of Music, IU

“Hallak is a fine pianist, endowed with a great gift for accompaniment. He senses every need

of the singer and seems to anticipate what is necessary to put the singer at ease. He is musically strongly supportive, and always provides a dynamic level which, while adding greatly to the interpretation of the piece being performed, never overwhelms the singer. He is at all times a gentleman.”


02 tozzi_georgio.png

Giorgio Tozzi Basso

Distinguished Professor, Indiana University

“I was so excited to be able to work with Mikhail Hallak: He is an artist of perfect musical knowledge and taste, who has helped me enormously in the preparation of many of my opera productions. His musical insights and helpful attitude proved invaluable to me.”


03 John-pascoe.png

John Pascoe 

Stage Director


“I love to send my students to work with Mikhail Hallak because he is very demanding, achieves wonderful results while being supportive and encouraging.

As an accompanist, he plays with elegance and supports the singer with his vivid imagination and musicality.”

04 Trish Mccaffrey.png

Trish McCaffrey

Master Voice Teacher

“François Le Roux introduced me to the pianist M.H. and I admit this was a wonderful discovery. It does not happen very often to come across a pianist / accompanist who ‘serves’ his soloist the best way ever without giving up his own concept and personality. M.H. is a master of such balance. No wonder, his musical sensitivity and sensibility allow him to embrace the entire scale of musical and human feelings. A great artist and wonderful person to work with.”


05 Matthias vogt.png

Matthias Vogt


“His understanding of he voice is among the best I have seen in a coach, and his technical strengths provide a great cushion for the voice. He is a pertinent and intuitive coach with a deeply honed ability to evaluate material for recitals and opera. He senses every need of the singer and seems to anticipate what is necessary to put the singer at ease. 

I have sought his assistance with numerous musical details and have found him to have peerless artistic judgment. He has experience and understanding of opera far beyond his years and is a remarkable example of artistic integrity.”


06 Sheri Greenawald.png

Sheri Greenawald


Director, San Francisco Opera Center


“I had the great pleasure of working with Mikhail Hallak at  

Glimmerglass, where his excellent musicianship and sense of style  

helped me greatly in the preparation of Bellini's I Capuleti e i  

Montecchi.  His sensitive piano laying is exceptional and he has wide  p

experience and knowledge which were invaluable in our collaboration.”

07 David Angus.png

David Angus

Music Director, 

Glimmerglass Opera

“My initial reaction working with Mikhail on Gianni Schicchi was that he is just what a conductor is hoping for –an excellent coach for the singers, unflappable in rehearsals, and knows his scores inside and out. Most impressive of all is that he is very musical and always plays with a big, orchestral sound and a wealth of color”


08 Brian Garman.png

Brian Garman

Music Director, 

Seattle Opera YAP

“I have had the pleasure of working with Mikhail Hallak on several recital programs and on numerous operatic roles. It has always been a very creative and inspirational process. Not only do I trust his ears and knowledge, but I also appreciate his honesty as a musician and as a person. Performing with Mikhail has been an exciting and truly delightful experience.  And I am always looking forward to our next collaboration.”


09 Lyubov Petrova.png

Lyubov Petrova



“...Hallak has distinguished himself in every way as an artist of the highest esteem and as one of the most prominent young artists in his field.”

12 Gayletha Nichols.png

Gayletha Nichols

Metropolitan Opera

Director of National Council

“Hallak is an outstandingly gifted musician and pianist with a mature and deep understanding of the music he is performing as well as a most serious commitment to the art of musical performance. His thorough command of the instrument, his stylistic awareness and his refined musical intelligence all mark him as an uncommonly talented musician.”


10 Leonard Hokanson.png

Leonard Hokanson


Professor, Indiana University

“Not only is he a very gifted coach, he is also and intensely musical pianist who feels the music deeply and plays with a sensitivity rarely heard. His coaching of the young musicians is outstanding and they have gained greatly by working with him. He is at once a demanding but encouraging coach who cares about the students and their progress. He brings a broad knowledge of repertoire and style to his coachings.”


11 Leo Goeke.png

Leo Goeke


Professor, DePauw University

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